Monday, November 14, 2005


Reenacted a seder while studying tonight, chowing down shmurah matzah from last Pesach and sweet wine from Shabbos. Liberate me, o G-d, from numerous school-related labors. Who wants to hear a nice thought? The former Stern Chabad Club president spoke on Shabbos, and said a nice, somewhat sappy thing. OK. Avraham was promised by Hashem that his children would be as many as the stars. The thing about stars is that they are really brilliant sources of energy, and it is our distance from them that makes them seem like they merely 'twinkle'. Anyway, people in general and Jews in particular truly are like stars, because the closer one gets to another, the more they appreciate the overwhelming radiance of the other person.

Shabbos was nice, at Chabad of Midtown. Sara Perel Metzger allowed me to stay at her home on the condition that I tell her stories. We bonded very nicely, despite our age difference of fourteen years, she being the younger.

My friend and I got locked out of the Metzger's house today, and after attempting to climb in through the second floor window, gave up and walked to Bryant Park instead. They've set up a medium sized ice rink there, and the whole thing is all lit up and purply. Really lovely. Then we moved through the cavernous halls of the New York Public Library with its glorious ceilings and oodles of information... We poked through some NY Times volumes from 1915-1918, and then went home. I like Midtown. J'aime skier aussie.

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