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Senate Prayer

(Legislative day of Thursday, September 19, 1991)

The Senate met at 9:45 a.m., on the expiration of the recess, and was called to order by the Honorable Harry Reid, a Senator from the State of Nevada.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Today's prayer will be offered by guest chaplain Rabbi Moshe Feller, director, Lubavitch Movement, Upper Midwest Region, St. Paul, MN.

PRAYER (Senate - October 16, 1991)

[Page: S14725]

Rabbi Moshe Feller, director, Lubavitch Movement, Upper Midwest Region, St. Paul, MN, offered the following prayer:

Let us pray:

O Heavenly Father, Creator and Master of the universe, the Members of this august body, the U.S. Senate, are assembled here in fulfillment of Your command that every society govern by just laws. At the dawn of civilization You commanded the survivors of the great flood--Noah and his family--the Seven Commandments which have come to be known as the Seven Noahide Laws. Your first commandment, to recognize You and You alone as Creator, Master, and Sovereign Ruler of the universe, was followed by Your commandments prohibiting blasphemy, murder, theft, illicit sexual relationships, cruelty to animals, and the command to establish systems of government which implement fulfillment of these commandments and punish their infraction.

You have bestowed both a magnificent privilege and an awesome responsibility on those who are chosen to govern. They are constantly called upon to judge their fellow man. Al-Mighty G-d, grant those who are chosen to govern and judge the wisdom to do so wisely and correctly. Grant them the awareness of Your majestic presence and the awareness that as they are making judgments they are being judged by You--O Supreme Judge of the universe unto whom we are all accountable.

O Heavenly Creator, grant that the Members of this august governing body, the U.S. Senate, consider every human being as an entire world, as Your servants the Sages of the Talmud have taught `Why did G-d create the world in the beginning with but one single individual, Adam? (He could have with His infinite power just as easily created masses of humans.) He did so to teach mankind that every individual is indeed an entire world

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