Sunday, November 13, 2005

ThE bLoG: Simchat Torah Chabad Style

ThE bLoG: Simchat Torah Chabad Style
The following is the article i wrote for the Southeastern Virginia Jewish News:

Sisu Vsimchu Bsimchat Torah, Utnu Kavod Latorah… Let us rejoice together on Simchat Torah and give honor to the Torah.

For just that reason more than 150 people gathered at the Chabad House in Norfolk on Tuesday night, October 25th. Programs for adults and kids were run simultaneously.

The evening started off with a grand two course Kiddush for all, and shortly thereafter the children were ushered to a program of their own so they could experience Simchat Torah for themselves. Mendy Margolin and Rashi Brashevitzky, along with help from all of Chabad of Tidewater’s staff and volunteers planned an evening filled with fun and games. The two performed a creative puppet show starring Tali and Benny, taught Torah songs, and taught about Simchat Torah.

Just when you didn’t think more fun was possible, in walked the highlight of the evening, Harold Wood. Mr. Wood, a professional juggler and entertainer is world renowned and has even performed at the White House – twice! Mr. Wood entertained, and kept the children excited for almost forty minutes, with his charm, humor and of course juggling.

After Mr. Wood completed his act, the children, accompanied by the advisors, marched downstairs into the sanctuary where they were honored with the dancing and singing of the third hakafa. More than 60 youngsters sang the songs they had just learned and danced enthusiastically for almost 15 minutes, as parents and friends stood around the perimeter clapping and singing along.

While all this was going on, Rabbis Aaron Margolin and Levi Brashevitzky were conducting Hakafot. Hebrew versus were chanted aloud as the gathered crowd circled the bima – Torah reading table – seven times. In between each circle there were many rounds of joyous song and dance. The dancing and singing went on for several hours and was capped off with a final round of dancing on the sidewalk. Men gathered in one circle as women gathered in another and rejoiced this final dance of Simchat Torah night. Children enjoyed the dance as well and many of them were even offered the chance to hold a Torah, with the help of an adult of course!

Afterwards the Torahs were accompanied back to the Aron Hakodesh as the very joyous prayers came to an end. All who were there had a visibly good time, including the many new faces at Chabad House. For all who are curious, feel free to join us next year on Saturday, October 14th, 2006 and enjoy Simchat Torah the Chabad Way!

For Information about Simchat Torah or any other holiday or educational program that Chabad of Tidewater offers feel free to contact us at 757-616-0770

oVeR AnD oUt!!

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