Saturday, November 26, 2005

Drew Kaplan's Blog: My Shabbas In Brooklyn

Drew Kaplan's Blog: My Shabbas In Brooklyn
The shul we attended - the only Orthodox shul in the area (ok, so there were some Satmar shtieblach around...) (and a 25-minute walk away from where we were staying) - was Congregation B'nai Abraham, which was a small shul run by Lubavitchers. It was a neat experience, as it was a small shul, with some middle-aged people, along with some Pratt students and Brooklyn Law students. (For more on the shul, see Saul's description about it.)
The only two liturgical differences I saw were the opening of the ark for יגדל (Yigdal) on Friday evening and something else which I can't currently recall.

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