Sunday, November 27, 2005

Marvin Schick: Hit and Run Judaism

Marvin Schick: Hit and Run Judaism
This isn’t meant to denigrate those who toil in the field. They are dedicated and there are solid accomplishments. There also are activities that are more permanent and therefore more effective, such as Beginnings Services in synagogues. My point is to suggest that certain tactics widely employed by the kiruv movement cannot counteract the powerful assimilatory forces that every day permeate the lives of nearly all American Jews. A smart man said to me recently that Chabad is succeeding in so many communities because when its people come, that’s where they stay. There are no greener or other pastures. Where they are today is where they shall be tomorrow.


Ittay said...

Chabad is successful, because they have money, they have an ability to tolerate continuous rejection from secular Jews with a smil, and they are forever persistent, with inspiration from the Rebbe. Other jews are learning from Chabad. Reform Jews have made big efforts at doing kiruv in Germany and Russia.

Anonymous said...

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