Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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An e-mail designed to target this group:

Dear Fellow Lubavitcher:

It is with great joy that I can report to you that the response to last
week’s email was overwhelming, Shluchim, Anash, and especially fellow
Bachurim, showed approval and satisfaction that such a report was finely
sent out to the Lubavitcher community at large. The impact was so great
that the main messianic publication had to respond with the famous
excuse “it’s just a minority that does these acts, and certain awful
people use these situations to send out letters to everyone” etc...(for
a link to their comments check out:

I am sure some of you decided enough is enough and tried joining the war
on terror by calling Rabbi Wilshansky, but he was in New York for a
while. One of the many things he was doing there was Farbrenging with
his former students, inspiring them to continue their Jihad on every
thing that is dear to our Rebbe. (For pictures of one of these events in
New York click on this link or ).

Another thing he was doing in New York was trying to raise funds to
continue supporting his Yeshiva which is other wise known as “Al Qaeda
Training Camps”. Many of these supporters have been supporting this
Yeshiva for many years, before the whole messianic regime started; many
of these supporters don’t know that when Rabbi Wilshansky comes to
fundraise from them, they are actually supporting those that will fight
Chabad. When Rabbi Wilshansky comes to visit Anash he wears no Moshiach
Pin, or Yechi Yarmulke (A.K.A. Helmet – due to its size) he comes like a
nice guy, and for some reason he forgets to mention the word “Moshiach”.
So many innocent people are being Shleped into supporting terrorism
simply because they don’t know its terrorism, (like some people that
bought Sefarim from Barry in the time of the court case in Mem Zayin,
not knowing where it’s from, but nevertheless it was a “Lebedike

Therefore we ask of you a Bakasha Nafshis, if you know anyone that might
be funding Rabbi Wilshansky’s terrorist training camps, let him know
what he is doing to our Rebbes name by supporting this thug, and Heaven
forbid what it can cause him and his family….A Lebedike Bombe….

Tell them that Wilshanksy and his henchman in 770, Tzfat, Chaifa, and in
a few more joints, are the ones that perpetrated the following acts:

1) Being that 770 is Beis Agudas Chasidei Chabad and the court case in
5747 was against Agudas Chasidei Chabad, there has been a custom ever
since 5747 that Aguch make a Farbrengen in 770 on this auspicious day.
In 5757 and even worse in 5758 when Lubavitcher Chassidim, Shluchim,
Members of the Vaad Aguch, Chevrei Mazkirus, Bachurim tried Farbrenging
in 770 on Hey Tevet , they were violently attacked with salads being
thrown at them, with tables being turned over on them, with microphone
wires being cut. All the aforementioned was perpetrated by Rabbi
Wilshnasky’s henchman. They caused that from then on Lubavitcher
Chassidim had to start Farbrenging in Beit Rivkah.
2) By the Kinnus Hashluchim a few years ago, a Kevutzah of Israeli
Shluchim were Farbrenging with Rabbi Avraham Shemtov in 770 upstairs,
when suddenly a group of Tzfat thugs under Rabbi Wilshanksy’s auspices
entered the room and started flipping the tables they were seated at,
Rabbi Shemtov tried escaping and they tried harming him, and thanks to a
few Shluchim from Ohio he left unharmed.
3) When the main messianic Headquarters did not pay rent for the offices
on Eastern Parkway, and the Lubavitcher landlord wanted them out, they
refused to leave, and they brought 10’s of Tzfat Bachurim who stood in
the offices refusing to listen to the landlord who was pleading with
them to get off his property, and at the end the N.Y.P.D. had to
evacuate the thugs from the property.
4) When the Tzerei Hashluchim camp in conjunction with the Kinnus
Hashluchim, took the sons of Shluchim for a tour of 770. A Bachur by the
name of “Kantor” (no relation to the Lubavitcher Kantors) grabbed one of
the kids of the Shluchim from New Jersey and said “Lech Meepah Ya
Detroitnik Nazi” (get lost you Detroit Nazi??!!!). Go figure.
5) When Kehot the Rebbes publication house printed a new beautiful album
“Makadesh Yisroel” with pictures of all the weddings the Rebbe attended,
because they did not like the titles the author used on the Rebbe, they
broke the glass of the Kehot showcase outside Gan Eden Hatachton and
took the book out.

Do yourselves a favor and forward this email to all the Lubavitchers you
know around the world. And please call, fax, or meet Rabbi Wilshanky
this week while he is in New York, and tell him that he is at fault for
all the above, and if he will not rectify the problem he will loose all
the support he unfortunately still gets from Lubavitchers.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wilshanksy

Kiryat Chabad 220/24 POB 6092 Tzfat (Safed) 13410
Home phone Number: 011-972-4-6972-029
Cell phone number: 011-972-52-252-769
Fax numbers: 011-972 – 4-6974095

Let your voice be heard loud and clear!!!

Another e-mail designed to target this group:
Dear Fellow Lubavitcher's

It has been almost 3 months since you have received the last email from, the reason for that Is quite simple we were
fighting the Wilshansky regime with other anti terror tactics, letting
him know that he and his family will have no peace of mind until he
puts a end to his terror brigades which are desecrating the Rebbe's
name and making the life's of Anash and especially the Shluchim

Until this email we focused on the Chilul Hashem that these Tzfat
cowards under Rabbi Wilshansky's auspices are making, in this email we
will focus more on the physical danger that these Tzfat Suicide bombers
are putting on the life's of all of us Lubavitcher's, whether a Shliach
or a member of Anash in Crown Heights or elsewhere.

On Gimmel Tammuz, a day in which all of us were doing the Minhagim of a
Yom Hilulah, going to the Ohel etc. trying to strengthen our Hiskashrus
to the Rebbe, Rabbi Wilshanky's disciples were celebrating in 770, not
only were they dancing in joy as if it's Purim, and Farbrengening with
great Simcha, plastering signs all over the Rebbe's Shechuna writing
''Chag Hageula Gimmel Tammuz'', they actually Shected (slaughtered)
some sheep in the back of 770 on Gimmel Tammuz!!! Its 9 years that
Kehal Adas Hachassidim and for that matter world Jewry at large are
suffering without a Gashmiyus'dike Rebbe and these Tzfat – Wilshansky
cowards are celebrating??!!!

If that isn't enough then how about this: Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson,
a member of the Rebbe's Secretariat, a Rov in Brighton Beach wanted to
Daven (as is customary) at the Amud in 770 downstairs, but he probably
didn't know that 770 was seized 7 years ago by the Wilshansky regime,
so as he tried to begin Ma'ariv with 5 lit candles at the Amud and then
came the attack!! The Tzfatim arrived from all the outposts around 770
and put out the candles not allowing him to Daven, but since he
insisted so there ended up being two Minyanim in the Rebbe's Shul on
the night of Gimmel Tammuz!! So now it's not only not listening to
Rabbi Ozdeba in regards to the Shevil & saying Yechi by Ne'ila, and
it's not only chasing Rabbi Krinsky and Rabbi Shemtov out of 770, but
it's also Rabbi Simpson!! Is it a surprise that all the other
Shtieblach in Crown Heights are full to capacity and there is new
Shul's opening up, some of them having over a 100 congregant's??

While Wilshansky's thugs were busy harassing the life's of
Lubavitcher's in Crown Heights, his hooligans were making people's life
in Israel miserable: they made a parade that drove through many cities
in Israel, the cars that were driven by Wilshansky's Boys were covered
in Yellow (the official Tzfat Color) signs proclaiming the Rebbe as
Moshaich and that Gimmel Tammuz is a Chag Hageula – that the Rebbe is
alive, they drove through cities that have Shluchim that are trying to
be Mekarev the Yidden there to YiddishKeit and Chassidus, but these
guy's are chasing these Jews away from the Rebbe!!

When the parade arrived in Kefar Chabad they parked outside Rabbi
Ashkanazi's house announcing on the Microphones that they want Rabbi
Ashkanazi (who is the Rov of Kefar Chabad) to support the building of a
palace for the Rebbe in Kefar Chabad, then (although Rebbetzin Sima
Ashkanazi told them that the Rov is not feeling well) one of them
started ringing the door bell insisting to see the Rov , saying they
will not leave until they see the Rov, at the end the Rov had to open
the door and chase them away!

The next day another one of Wilshansky's Students was going around
Kefar Chabad ripping down all the signs of the Gimmel Tammuz
Farbrengen, Reboinoi Shel Oilam Ad Mosai Yiye ze Lanu Lemoikesh!!!????

As in the other emails: we beg of you to forward it to another 10
people at least, (or send us a email list and we can send it out) so
that all of Lubavitch will know who this Rabbi Wilshansky is and they
will stop sending kids to his Yeshiva and most importantly stop
supporting his regime.

It is very important that those of you that called should continue
doing so, and those that never called yet should finally call him and
let him know what he is doing to our Rebbe's name.

If you don't help put an end to this regime then you will be their next

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wilshanksy

Kiryat Chabad 220/24 POB 6092 Tzfat (Safed) 13410
Home phone Number: 011-972-4-6972-029
Cell phone number: 011-972-52-252-769
Fax numbers: 011-972 – 4-6974095

Let your voice be heard loud and clear!!!


The Editor –
defending Lubavitch one email at a time!!!