Monday, November 21, 2005

Tamara Eden: Frantic Friday – Pittsburgh Update #2 - Excerprt "A day in the life..."

Tamara Eden: Frantic Friday – Pittsburgh Update #2

That evening we made our way to Shabbos at a local Chabad rabbi’s home (set up by my rabbi in L.A.). Little did I know that Pittsburgh is a HORRIBLE city when it comes to public transportation. To make a long story short: Cab arrives, cabbie doesn’t know where the home we’re going to is, I have to navigate on the map, he calls dispatch and I have to remember directions. Therefore, we arrived an hour late …I digress.

Shabbos was pleasant. The rabbi, his wife and their 6 kids were wonderful. There is nothing like being in a strange city and feeling like you have a “home” to go to. I’m very thankful to the Rabbi for not only hosting us, but for sitting around with us while we waited almost two hours for a cab…yes on Shabbos (forgive me)! He’s a good guy and I enjoyed discussing many different aspects of Judaism with him.

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Nitzana said...

Shalom and welcome to Pennsylvania. I also came from Chabad in California...Anaheim. My sons went to Gan Israel Preschool there and when I first came here, my phone bill was terrible from calling my rabbi all the time, even though the Rabbi from Pittsburgh was wonderful. Forgive me. I seldom check my links so a very belated thank you for publishing "JNF, The Whispers of Trees."
My heart still breaks.