Tuesday, September 27, 2005

yeshiva orthodoxy: Lubavitch builds 9 mill. $ center!

yeshiva orthodoxy: Lubavitch builds 9 mill. $ center!
lubavitch's hard work continues to pay dividends.

From the Chicago Sun Times :

It was once the site of a movie theater that played films like "Halloween 6" and "Speed 2." Before that it was an Art Deco Post Office and now it's an empty lot -- but not for long. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held Thursday at the corner of Chestnut and Clark Streets for the Center for Jewish Life, a $9 million synagogue and community center that will be run by the orthodox Lubavitch Chabad..

The Lubavitch men wear beards, big fedora hats and long black coats. But they say they don't pressure other Jews to be like them. "Our approach is open and inclusive," said Benhiyoun. Non-Jews are welcomed and some attend Lubavitch classes, but they are not encouraged to convert...

Maybe Lakewood should seek some advice from Lubavitch on raising money for another girl's school. Though I doubt they are going to welcome non jews.

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