Saturday, September 24, 2005

I met Matisyahu and told him that his lyrics saved my life

Sooooo today...

I woke up at 11 AM and got ready for work.
Work was pretty relaxed.
I left work to go to Shabbat dinner at Chabad.
I met Matisyahu and told him that his lyrics saved my life, I was honored to be sharing a Shabbat meal with him and thanked him for all he does. I met his kind, beautiful wife and saw his new baby. It was an absoulte honor for me and I was shaking when I sat down next to my brother.
I stayed late after Shabbat and got to know Adam a lot better than ever before and I must say I have never been this attracted to some one in such a long time. He told me something that made him so human to me. In the sense that I am attracted to people that have gone though something trivial in their life that makes them more mature...more approachable...I can relate to them...and they're human. His flaws made him beautiful to me tonight.
He told me that he's been thinking about the painting he's been making for me a lot, that he wants it to be perfect.
I also witnessed a car crash right by Chabad. Not chill bagles.
Then I headed over to AEPi house and chilled with Igor.
Julian was there...I think he understands now.
Igor was so chill to talk to all night.
I got to see Daniel...really chill bagles.
Daniel, Morgan and me planned a date.
Morgan only has one more week before she leaves for boot camp.
Christine ran in to Cindy...horrible person, ugly soul...her ex's fiance.

Tonight was amazing in so many ways. I've been blessed.
Ayn Od Maylvadoh

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