Tuesday, September 27, 2005


There is an artist getting airplay with a song called 'King without a Crown'. The artist 'Matisyahu' (born Matthew Miller in White Plains,NY) is a hasidic jew, belonging to the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of judaism.
While the lyrics of 'King without a Crown' reflect the commonality of the mystical aspects of most religions, the association by 'Matisyahu' with the Chabad-Lubavitch sect is shown by his usage of the word 'Moshiach' which means 'messiah' and is used to emphasize the diiference between a judaic concept of a 'messiah' and the christian concept of 'messiah' as embodied in Jesus.
Additionally, the usage of the word 'HaShem' as a reference to his god is in keeping with the idea that the four letters of god's name (in judaism) never be uttered.
See here:
Why is bringing attention to Matisyahu's religious association so important?
Because the Chabad-Lubavitch sect is a primary purveyor of Zionism and Matisyahu has not -and cannot without abandoning his religious crutches- spoken out against the philosophy that permits the taking of anothers land and sustenance in the name of religion.
(Does the history of North and South america come to mind by the way?)
The evidence for this assertion can be found at:

especially if one clicks on he 'Torn Together' link on the left hand side of the 'home' page.

The music is 'hot' and excellent,especially the guitar playing by David Duggan on 'King without a Crown' (as an aside, see the rhythmic flow of ABC's 'King without a Crown' and other similarities) BUT the words are also part of the song. And the disdain for marijuana makes a complete joke of the 'reggae' aspect put forth. Reggae is the music of Rastafarians and marijuana a sacrament and Matisyahu's marketing association with reggae is blasphemous to the Rastafri religion.

So between the disrespect Matisyahu shows for the Rastafari religion and the unwillingness (indeed,as pointed out earlier, he cannot renounce the Zionism without renouncing his religious association) or lack of sensitivity to other oppressed peoples (and no matter what the history, Palestinian's, currently, are oppressed by Israel) , the purchase or playing of Matisyahu's music -or going to a show- is effectively a subscription to the same disrespect of another's religion and approval of Zionism by the bigots who wish for the Rapture and the rabbi's who cannot recognize their own Torah teachings, and the same disrespect of another's religion by mullahs that refuse to see the Quoranic teachings of tolerance of others as being meaningful.

So call your radio stations and tell them not to play 'King without a Crown' until Matisyahu speaks out against the subjugation and bankrupting of the Palestinian people. And tell and and ' that you won't be buying anything associated with Matisyuahu until he speaks out against the subjugation and bankrupting of the Palestinian people.
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