Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Under the rain of rockets


Colel Chabad delivered 46,000 hot, fresh cooked meals to Israelis in shelters and homes. Candles, wine, challah and fish were added on Friday.

The Colel Chabad Food Bank is official HQ for municipal and military food distribution. Several tons of fruits, vegetables, canned goods, snack foods, disposable diapers etc. donated growers and manufacturers have been distributed

600 mostly women and children have been evacuated to safety in Colel Chabad camps in central Israel. Full room, board and activities programs are provided at no charge.

Should missile and rocket attacks continue Colel Chabad will expand its food-distribution to other northern Israeli cities, following direct pleas for help from local mayors.

Colel Chabad is organizing 5,000 special food baskets for delivery to cities where facilities for hot food distribution are unavailable. These include Tiberias, Kiryat Shemona, Ma’alot, Shlomi and other towns and villages in the north.

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