Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Matisyahu Moment and What Chabad Is Not

Two thoughts I thought I would share today:

1. I was sitting at Starbucks-sipping my caramel macchiato-grooving to the background music-when a song from Matisyahu came on. King Without a Crown is a wonderful song-just kinda amusing to see how mainstream it has become.

2. What is role of Chabad in far off places like Prague? It's not so tourists can have a place for shabbos. I am not saying that it can't be...but after consulting an official member of Chabad yesterday C. told me that while many people who run Chabad all over the world offer their food and homes and company to those Jews/tourists-the tourists are not the main concern. The focus is on the people of that community in which they live-to bring Judaism to thoses who are disconnected from it.

But what happens when you have a tourist who is disconnected from Judaism and seeks out Chabad?

Note: This is not a criticism-just a response to a story I was told of yesterday of somehone who had a negative experience. I know that Chabad does wonderful things for communites and people and tourists too-

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I hear Venice Chabad is the best and also bangkok

By Datingmaster, Jerusalem, at 5:34 AM

Prague is not such a far off place for all, and does have a bigger Jewish community than some other Chabad towns. Some Chabad houses may be for the people of the community but you'd find it hard to say that for all. There is no way anyone can say that Venice Chabad is not for tourists - they have a resturant there (EVERYONE knows Gam-Gam!) and Bangkok is basically for travelling buisinessmen.

By G Green, at 7:24 PM

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