Thursday, August 03, 2006

Immediate Relief Aid for Residents of Haifa Suffering in Shelters

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the Lubavitch Center for Russian Immigrants, Haifa, do extensive Kiruv work for the Russian Jewish Community of Haifa. We are extending a heartfelt plea for financial assistance to help the Jews curently lodged in bomb-shelters.
We have remained in Haifa to be with the community, going from shelter to shelter, encouraging the Russian Jews, giving Shiurim, and doing activities with the children.
In the streets, you hear a siren, and then boom, siren, boom, over and over. The families in the shelters are afraid to go out. They lack food, water, fans, bedding. The banks are closed. They cannot withdraw money. The children are bored. People are sleeping on chairs, depressed and crying. The municipality only sends them from phone number to phone number. They need immediate help.
Donations of the above-mentioned items (canned-goods, drinking water, fans, bedding) as well as games, prizes, and snacks for children, refrigerators, basic electric appliances, and cosmetic items are needed.
* Account Number for Cash Donations: Bank Pagi (52), Branch 187 (Haifa), Acct.# 409-644323. (Certified Amuta # 580445690)
*Our cell-phone number to arrange pick-up of items: 054-4791171.
Please help as much as possible.
Thank you and blessing


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