Monday, August 07, 2006

Man lets off steam with fishing

Q: How about your work with the missing kids — how did you get started doing that?

A: It's not work for me, I'm a volunteer. I started out with an organization called Chabad. Project Pride used to be for them a drug rehabilitation program. And when I started with Rabbi Langer, we focused on missing and abducted children. I wasn't looking for the children that are missing as much as going and telling people how to prevent their child from going missing. Did you see my DNA kit? It's so they can fingerprint the children and they can put a picture of them, and they put a hair sample and other descriptions. And they can copy it free from the Project Pride Web site (

Q: What do you think of Mel Gibson these days?

A: You know, he would like forgiveness, and me personally, I have no problem forgiving him.

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