Monday, July 17, 2006

Violence In Israel Sparks Grief In South Florida

(CBS4 News) COOPER CITY South Florida residents with relatives in Israel and Lebanon fear for their safety as they follow escalating conflict in the Middle East. In Cooper City, a couple mourns the death of their nephew.

The violence and fighting in the Middle East is hitting home here in South Florida. A Cooper City couple is grieving the death of their nephew, who was killed Sunday along with seven others in a Hezbollah missile attack on a Haifa railway maintenance facility.

Officials report that the Haifa attack was the deadliest by the Lebanese militia in the ongoing clashes bring torrents of rockets against northern Israel.

''I had a feeling it was him,'' said Ilan Ender, uncle of 29-year-old Raffi Hazan, as he recalled his thoughts when heard about the missle strike. ``Sure enough, about an hour later we got a phone call.''

Hazan had just started a job as an engineer with the Israeli train system a few days ago.

Judy Ender and her sister will return to South Florida Tuesday to grieve with family.

Hazan is to be buried Monday, but the Tuesday flight was the earliest they were able to book.

Leader of the Chabad of Southwest Broward, Rabbi Pinny Andrusier received the news from the Enders Sunday.

''In Judaism, when someone suffers a loss, especially as tragic as an innocent victim, we all feel the pain,'' said Andrusier. ``For cases like this, we try to teach that they only took his body. His soul and his spirit will live on.''

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