Sunday, July 23, 2006

This is just insulting - A live journaler

As can be expected every Jewish/Israeli/Alyiah email list i'm on has been sending out requests for charity, info about rallies and random other crap over the last couple of weeks. Today I got an email from the Chabad house telling me to light shabbat candles because we need to "bring more light into the world." I'm insulted. Religious people don't fight in the army, half of them don't even pay taxes, so as far as I'm concerned they are not doing anything useful with themselves and should not be making out like they are. You want to light shabbat candles, fine. But don't tell me that staying home and lighting candles is going to keep your house from being bombed.

Also why isn't there at least some attempt at an organized effort to provide humanitarian aid to displaced Lebanese? I mean it sucks, but the fighting has to happen in towns and villages because Hezbollah sets up their military operations in civilian areas, but you know, feeding the fleeing masses would be a good start considering the Lebanese government isn't really a part of the problem at all.

I feel bad for the kids who were kidnapped. If they're still alive I hope they can hear that there's a war starting outside so they at least know people are thinking about them and might come find them eventually.

Oh, and what is this I hear about Syria invading Lebanon?

2006-07-21 02:41 pm UTC (link)
The good news is there is an organized effort to get humanitarian aid into Lebanon, and they've been working on it since the bombs started dropping. It's just damn difficult to get it there. Although I'm wondering what the Lebanese government is doing to help the Lebanese - after the Katrina debacle I can't throw stones, but I hope they're doing what they can.

If you want to read about it from someone who is living in Lebanon (at least until she finds a boat so she can get the hell out of there) check out [info]cedarseed.

2006-07-21 04:05 pm UTC (link)
i think Chabad does the military and taxes btw. or at least my relatives who are habbad do...

2006-07-21 04:16 pm UTC (link)
Are your relatives American Expats? The only time I've heard of religious (orthodox) Jews in the army is that military Yashiva they have. And I've seen pictures of the Maya Sharim Jews burning Israeli flags (because it's god's country and the government is against god I guess...)

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2006-07-21 04:24 pm UTC (link)
mea searim is not chabbad. chabad and lubavitch serve in the army, hold a citizenship, etc. they are russian expats :) but the kids serving are all sabras

2006-07-21 08:56 pm UTC (link)
Heh, Chabad using the Israel/Hezbollah/Lebanon exchange in attempt to frum people up reminds me of lawyers and priests chasing ambulences.

Serving in Army
2006-07-23 06:18 pm UTC (link)
All religious Jews are required by Israeli law to serve in the Army and they do.
However some receive defferments to serve after they have completed Yeshiva and have married.

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