Thursday, January 12, 2006

Readers respond to Mr. Schick - Where Chabad is Heading III

101. Chabad
Dvorah - USA
01/10/2006 15:04

Mr. Schick, go into any one of my childrens' Chabad Houses, spend some time with them, and my grandchildren. Speak to all the people who they have inspired, and THEN write (or rewrite) your views for publication. And, by the way, please get in touch with them, and ask what you can bring along. They may need Cholov Israel, Glatt meat ,kosher nosh for the kids,etc. which they surely would appreciate, because where they live and work 24/7 all this is unavailable. Mr. Schick, seeing is believing, so take my advice and check tjhings out before expounding upon them!

102. Never heard "Moshiach" in 14 years
Stanley T - Canada
01/10/2006 15:24

Chabad brought me back from almost total secularism to where I now daven daily in an Orthodox Shul. But before that, I belonged to and, towards the end of my stay there, went every Shabbos to a Chabad Shul for 14 years. In all that time, no Rabbi, no Lubavicher, EVER tried to tell me that the Rebbe was Moshiach - while he was alive or after his passing. Surely, if this belief is as strong as some people seem to fear, they would have tried to "convert" me? No, they brought me back to Yiddishkeit and I will be forever grateful.

103. Shabtai Tzvi - too close for comfort
01/10/2006 15:25

Thank you! You couldn't have made the author be more uncomfortable with his article! You see, all those who disagree made their valid points, and the author who isn't really anti-chabad but thought he would be improving Chabad (as many in the frum world like to dream of doing) will now see that in doing so he is in line with people like berger. In your agreeing and comparison, you have provided the strongest proof of Mr. Schick's judgement error. be well and happy hating.

104. Clueless about Mashiachists
Stuart - USA
01/10/2006 15:30

I have been active with Chabad shuls for in 3 states for 28 years and have known many Chabad Rabbis. I am not frum from birth or bal teshuvah - I just like Chabad and like to gradually add to my mitzvot. The author clearly has an issue with this approach. TOUGH! The author and many of the commentors are outraged that SOME Chabadniks believe the Rebbe is the Mashiach. This is the sole issue for most anti-Chabadniks. But this is not the official position of Chabad. It is regrettable that this fact is not well known. A Chabad rabbi CANNOT get appointed as a shaliach of the Rebbe in my state if he espouses the mashiachist view. Halachah, Shulchan Aruch, classical gmarah, mishnah, Rambam, NOT compromise, are the order of the day with Chabad. But dig into any sect and you will find fault with something. I do not see bal teshuvahs from Chabad taking the mashiachist view - this is a red herring. The author paints all of Lubavitch with the same brush - this is the way of hate.

105. lashon hora
01/10/2006 15:32

I have breifly read this article and some of comments about it. Since most of the people who wrote comments and the author seem to be people with Yirat Hashem. I want to suggest that everybody consider that Chofetz Chaim's Laws about Lashon hora include publications on the internet. We have to reach a number of l'toeles preconditions before stating negative statments about Chabad or any other jewish group. Including removing hatred from our hearts, approaching the party in discussion first, and others. I can't know if this was done But I think it's worth a few moments of Chesbon Nefesh.

106. Where is Chabad heading?
Josh - Israel
01/10/2006 15:39

Excellent article. Dr. Schick wrote here things that people have been saying for years but were never so vocal about. I hope Chabad will heed to what is said in his article. The jerusalem Post will be inudated withs letters and calls from Chabad of how they do great work. You see post of the response here are from Chabad people. Keep up the good work Jpost and don't be afraid to have similar sendiments raised in your paper

107. marvins next article- stay tuned
nat roth
01/10/2006 15:41

"blasting moses " an insiders look as to the true identity of moses- is he as holy as we all thought he was ?

108. Where is Orthodoxy heading?
Peter Yurowitz - USA
01/10/2006 15:49

As an Orthodox, non-Chabad Jew with several grandchildren, I can attest to two facts. First, in my lifetime, Orthodox Jewry through its many institutions, has lost its tolerance for the non-Orthodox. In the process, it has, and continues to fail to act to "save" those many Jews who have assimilated, intermarried and even converted. Second, Chabad, with all of its faults is the only Orthodox group that has filled this void. Frankly, if by turning a blind eye when some Jews drive to shul on Shabbat, it keeps them within the fold, then what's the problem? Perhaps this will allow them to stop driving in the future?

109. Business Model, Business Ethics
ao - USA
01/10/2006 15:52

The comparison to Walmart is spot on. Chabad follows a Business Model with Business Ethics. There are always more Chabad houses in wealthy areas, they search out individuals who have left Judaism in every respect, and cajole them to believe that giving money to build a Chabad house is all that they need to do to be a good Jew. The modern Chabad-Lubavitch-PostDenominational Judaism is a movement that is theologically corrupt and ethically corrupt. They are just like the Kabbalah Center.

110. Chabad is Christianity by another name
Aaron Holz - Israel
01/10/2006 15:53

Chabad believes that Zalman Shneyor is the true messiah. So what's new? At one time Jews claimed Jesus to be the messiah. They call themselves Christians. To go with Chabad is to turn your back on Judaism. Excellent article.

111. disagree
01/10/2006 15:56

I think the article is just another one in the long stream of Chabad-bashing by other Orthodox thinkers who are upset that they are losing in the competition. I used to think similarly until I, a mitnagid Modern Orthodox Jew, became friends with Chabad shaliach. I since understood that Chabad is the most effective outreach Jewish organization. Every other one is based on the premise of not just introducing people to Judaism and letting them learn on their own pace, but on promoting rigid haredi Orthodoxy which, as simply numbers show, does not effect nearly as many people as needed to combat assimilation. Modern Orthodox Jews, who could provide an effective alternative, are not seriously doing outreach, and thus it is left up to Chabad, Aish, Ohr Sameach and the like. Well, from what I see Chabad is the only organization that is not interested in turning people into haredim, but simply wants Jews to be Jewish.

112. So Marvin, compete!
Josh - USA
01/10/2006 16:04

So, the man behind all the paid advertorials in The Jewish Week finally gets a slot in the Jerusalem Post... Mr. Schick, I'm not a particularly observant Jew and while there are many things about Chabad that bother me, I challenge you do have even a fraction of Chabad's impact. Outside the big cities, who takes care of those who want something aside from Reform or Conservative (if those are even available)? Who was on the ground after the Tsunami? Chabad. You don't like their product? Put out a competitive offering... If you think Chabad is so misguided, send those who are likeminded out into the world to show us what real Judaism is about! But you know what, Marvin, I'm not waiting for you to show up... I'm not attacking traditional Orthodoxy, sir -- you're entitled to your beliefs and practices and I respect those. But your intolerance of others is really disappointing and I fear ultimately self-defeating. There's room for all of us, Mr. Schick -- really, there is.

113. where is chabad
bracha - canada
01/10/2006 16:09

MR.Schick If not chabad i would still be eating pork in the zionist kibutz.Itwill came the time you will beg chabad to save your child from asimilation. bracha

114. Halachic Judaism
01/10/2006 16:12

Very well written indeed!! While Kiruv is a wonderful thing and reaching out to non-observant Jews should be encouraged, one has to remember that Judaism is based on strict adhernace to the Torah and Halacha. This must be made clear to any newcomer into observance. Being wishy-washy on Halacha is crossing the red line on Judaism. Chabad seems wiling to forgoe this concept and cross this red line for the sake of outreach. This is not acceptable.

115. The Criticisms are Compliments
Alan - USA
01/10/2006 16:12

OK, so Chabad makes it easier for Jewish people who don't follow all the rules to participate in Jewish life. And that's a bad thing? Because my wife is not Jewish, the Conservative synagogue would not educate my 7-year-old unless she "converted." How does an 7-year-old with no Jewish education "convert"? Chabad accepted her with open arms, and now she has learned about Jewish life. Thank you, Chabad.

16. To the author and readers
Avraham - USA
01/10/2006 16:17

Chabad is nothing more than an international conspiracy to put Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist synagogues out of business. As the article points out, they "exploit" existing institutions by locating in close proximity and pricing services way below what existing synagogues need to charge to survive. The product they offer is fake, because, as the article points out, few of Chabad's members lead an observant life. As local synagogues go out of business or consolidate, the end result is a less diversified Jewish community and fewer affiliated Jews. And, of course, Chabad always presses for "donations" and ends up enriching itself. Chabad knows what it is doing and is therefore evil in my eyes.

117. Chevron giveaway
Chaim W. - New Jersey
01/10/2006 16:23

I doubt that Dershowitz would want us to give up a major source of oil Dershowitz was no is an assimiliated, intermarrying children, supporter of a palestinian terrorist state (therefore explusion of 50,000 more Jews in Israel) and giveway of Chevron

118. Chabad
Marc tobias - usa
01/10/2006 16:24

knowing chabad from the inside i can say that this movement despite their good deeds ,will be another religion 100 years from now.The original christians were also frum yidden.Indeed some very sucessful chabad rabbis will be very rich frum yidden in 10 years from now running their rackets in Bal Harbour and other places as well.

119. Schick Wrong About Motives
01/10/2006 16:28

One of the reasons Chabad does do not hold Jews to Orthodox standards is because if they did, EVERYONE who isn't Orthodox would not participate. "Come to Shabbat Dinner! Make sure you walk no matter how far! Careful not to bump into any members of the opposite sex!" Thats not what happens at Chabad. The reason that Chabad is great is because it is the alternative for many Jews to have a connection to their being Jewish. Schick is right when he says Reform and Conservative Judaism is just a "social connection" and not a religious one. Hence, Chabad, and if Chabad did not exist, all of these Jews would lose there religious connection. How many people didn't even know what a Friday night Shabbat Dinner was supposed to be like before going to Chabad? Schick's position as the head of a Yeshiva in New York has really warped his perspective.

120. Hate sells papers
01/10/2006 16:30

Shame on you J post for stoopimg so low just to get some action on your site.

121. ns
01/10/2006 16:38

I already read schick's piece in the jewish week, there it was a paid ad, clearly not professsionaly edited and diregarding standard impartiality and objectivity. Schick represents all that is wrong (and failing) with Modern Orthodoxy. It is a lifeless, academic and dry Judaism that is all about "obedience and limitations". The Baal Shem Tov's visceral connection that all jews can share regardless of their practical observance apparently never reached these Jews. Schick sees outreach as disingenuous to Jewish continuity. He would have us respect our fellow Jews based on whether or not they drive to shul on shabbos. This is a notion that Chassidus has long ago corrected. Every Jew has a wonserful soul and while one can criticize us for many things, our unconditional acceptance of fellow jews is untouchable and will ultimately bring them to higher observance.

122. Call Me When You Move
Relative of Shluchim - USA
01/10/2006 16:46

Marvin Schick, I have several relatives on Shlichut one in Beijing, South Africa, Toronto, Switzerland, Hesinki, Finland and a few other cities. Besides your article representing everything but the truth, I think you should bow in respect to these young couples that commit their entire lives to helping other Jews far from their comfort zone (Brooklyn where most are from). Going to a foreign Country learning a new language no schooling for their kids or Kosher food all to help a Jew they dont even know yet and not knowing who will support them. This is true Mesiras Nefesh something you should research. Since I'm sure you wont travel out of your comfort zone! You can look them up on the web as welll as the other 4000 centers! Then i'm sure we will be reading a whole different article!

123. wrong org.
Samuel R - South Africa
01/10/2006 16:51

I have a friend, not yet observant, who has been a member of a non Chabad Shul until recently (don t want to mention the name of the Shul as it may cause embarrassment). He came to Chabad after the Rabbi in his Shul told the girls that they are permitted to wear pants to Shul. Although this gentleman was there with his girl-friend, who was wearing pants at the time, he knew it was not right and for a rabbi to give consent; in his opinion was disrespect to the Shul. In Chabad Shul s you ll find women wearing pants but I don t believe you ll ever find a rabbi give his consent. Something tells me that this Rabbi has some connection to that Shul - I'd like to tell him this first hand, he'll be speachless.

124. Where is Chabad Heading?
Terrence Julius - USA
01/10/2006 16:52

Dear President of The Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva (Mr. Schick), Now that you have successfully vented your dissatisfaction with the Chabad movement in the global media, perhaps you might consider spending your time writing articles which help unite Jews , rather than separate them. It s part of our Torah and Mitzvot you know . . .

125. jerusalem post
michael silver
01/10/2006 16:54

this message is for the jerusalem post: recently the j.t.a., jewish week, and countless have written the about the tremendous vital work chabad does, esspecially on chanukah. and all you can come up with is this?

126. chabad is all about tolerance
ron agam - usa
01/10/2006 16:54

chabad is an example of an organization whose main purpose is to unite the jewish people and further tolearance between ourselves. the rebbe was a man of wisdom whose life work was dedicated to enlighten the soul of every jew wherever he might be. in this chabad plays the most important singular role in judaism today.god bless them and their mission

127. Gratitude
L.M. Berkowitz - Michigan, USA
01/10/2006 16:56

This is the second article in as many days that the JPost has published attacking Chabad for the silliest of reasons: Greer Cashman, who fears Chabad is becoming a "theocracy" because their "Mitzvah tank" music is too loud, and now Marvin Schick, who worries that Chabad defiles tefillin by placing them on someone who hasn't washed negelvasser in the morning. Although I myself was raised in a completely secular, Reform environment, my children, raised in Chabad, are doing Hashem's (and the Rebbe's) work, building Judaism "supershuls" in Moscow, Israel, Canada, New York, Florida and California.

128. Chabad's actions speak louder than vain words
Yisroel L
01/10/2006 17:04

it is really irrelevant what anyone says about chabad action speaks louder than a thousand words they are the only ones which really care about world jewry therefore with time they will become world jewry and none of the jealous and bitter individuals will beable to do anything about it they have woken up way to late this article is an excuse for the selfish and self serving orthodox establishment JEWS UNITE!!!

Moshe M
01/10/2006 17:09

I wouldnt lecture chabad on losing jews they are the only ones which know how to save jews and whoever tries to destroy them are digging there own grave noone will really listen because everyone knows they have been responsible for judaisms growth in this generation and to deny that is denying reality which schik has so very well done

130. Chabad close to Judaism
Ralph Lupus - USA
01/10/2006 17:12

Chabad is a religion of its own ,that is close to Judaism.

131. chabad
israel Lefler - USA
01/10/2006 17:26

A bad story full of lies. Chabad is the best thing ever happened to Jewishkite. You do not critisize life achivment of the Rabbi and his schluchim because some people do not follow all the rulles. Your article is the answer why the Masich is not here yet. When the rest of the ortodox world only think abouth them self chabad is the one that keep the jewish flame alive.

132. alan dershowitz - u.s.a.
01/10/2006 17:26

a little history: alan d.'s relationship with chabad (which wasn't always good) basically started when he sent the rebbe a letter critcizing chabad for a dinner in washington were a christian senator (and outspokenly so) was honored, and which he felt was out of place. In short the rebbe answered him that we don't honour people for who they are, but rather for who they could be i.e. we see their potential............... (when alan dershowitz repeats this incident he says it took years for him to relise how right the rebbe was, this same senator is now extremely pro israel....)

133. Wow!
Joshua - 07302
01/10/2006 17:42

It doesn't surprise me when some jpost editorialists slam the reform or conservative movement. That's bad enough. But when you have to start attacking CHABAD?!?! There are several of us who are Jewish that are not comfortable with absolute strict observance, certainly not overnight. We still appreciate outreach that helps us increase our knowledge and level of observance. I have not always agreed with Chabad, and still do have some disagreements with them. But to the extent that they are willing to offer their help to people who aren't ready or willing to do "all or nothing" then that's a good step in the right direction.

134. You've got to be kidding
01/10/2006 17:49

Mr. Shick, you've got to be kidding. Are you trying to tell me that every single Orthodox synagogue in the world only accepts complete Shomrei Shabbos as members? Are you insinuating that Chabad are the only one s whose members drive to Shul and have no plans in the foreseeable future to change their ways? Mr. Shick, have I got news for you. Visit any OU/YI congregation in the US, or their counterparts in other countries, and you will not only see open parking lots " but full ones! Of course, when comparing a Chabad Shul in Timbuktu to a Shul in Flatbush in Lakewood, chances are the latter will have far less (if any) members who aren t completely Frum and keeping Shabbos. But come on, is that what you re comparing them to? Do you sincerely believe that the two are at comparable? Do you seriously think that by brining people Yiddishkeit " the little Yiddishkeit which they are willing to accept " Chabad has left authentic Orthodoxy? I sure hope not, but it can t hurt to double check.

135. Chabad
Eva Lobenstein - uk
01/10/2006 17:53

Rabbi Shach was once told that the Gaon of Vilna will thank him for criticising the Rabbi of Lubavitch. His reply was -"The Baal Hatanya,his grand father will thank me!"

136. tsunami
01/10/2006 18:06

JP Editors - let's see an article about Chabbad's amazing work in Thailand after the Tsunami. Let's see a counter article to the tow recent negative ones you printed. Thanks.

137. Nasty Rant
Chaim - USA
01/10/2006 18:14

Does Chabad have issues? Sure it does, every large organization his its issues. Are some of these issues very large and need to be addressed? Sure thing, I'll be the first one to admit that, but these are all issues that truly are being discussed. Just because they aren't broadcasted on PBS or CSPAN doesn't mean they aren't being addressed. Mr. Schick shows from his own words that he clearly has no idea what he is talking about, and did not seek any comment or opinion from any Chabad representation. This article is nothing more than just a rant, an ignorant patronizing rant.

138. What drivel
Hesh Itzkowitz
01/10/2006 18:32

Why is the press constantly berating Chabad when they do such great work. The only time I or my friends have any exposure to Chabad is when we travel (to FL, L.A., Hong Kong etc.) and need a place to daven or find kosher food. They are terrific. Always catering to our needs. It's getting sickening to read these constant lies and slander against an organization that has true mesiras nefesh to keep the Jewish world afloat. By the way, I am typing this letter from my hotel room in a city where the Chabad rabbi made sure my wife and I had food for shabbos!

139. Peter Yurowitz
Howard - USA
01/10/2006 18:48

OK Peter. Now your's might have been the best and most healing comment in this entire segment. Good for you Peter.

140. amazing response
richard - usa
01/10/2006 18:55

i am impressed by your readers, more than by your article. your article is the "walmart loss leader" for all of the praise of chabad from your readers

141. Chabad
chaya gross - Israel
01/10/2006 19:06

BH Chabad's motto is Ahavas Yisrael and nobody would deny that. Chabad main function is to wake up the latent spark that is in every single Jew. It's a huge mandate but then it's leader is huge as well. Nothing less than the complete redemption will do and he did not believe in having followers but in making all his chassidim into leaders. I think the results speak for themselves. I recommend seeing the movie ONE put out by JEM on Chabas's role in the tsunami and in Katrina. Actions speak much louder than words and it is obvious that the acts worldwide speak for themselves. No Chabad is not perfect but they are in a league of there own. MOSHIACH NOW!!!

142. Chabad and it's anti-zionist agenda
Eli - UK
01/10/2006 19:37

Chabad, yes, do promote judaism. But what kind? A kind that devoids it's followers of any connection to our homeland and state. They are good people who do good deeds, but are typical of Haredim, who still stick to a man-made Jewish philisophy on why we lost two revolts against the Romans- which in turn actually goes against Torah, Mitzvot and Ethics. Anyone reading is better to affiliate with Religious Zionist- the true judaism- such as Aish, Ohr Someach, Mizrachi and Kahanism

143. Thank you Chabad
Matt Portner - USA
01/10/2006 20:15

I grew up reform and pretty much abandoned Judaism throughout high school and college. About 6 years ago I met a Chabad Rabbi named Zushe Greenberg and his wife Miriam. I started learning with him, and my wife and I started attending his Shul. Initially I was driving, and although he wasn t happy about this, he didn t throw me out or keep me from coming, instead he encouraged me to learn Torah and more about my Judaism. I no longer attend Rabbi Greenberg s Shul although we still keep in touch and I see him frequently. You see his Shul is too far from my house to walk. So now that my wife and I are Shomer Shabbis and raising our children the same way, we are attending another Chabad Shul that we can walk to. This Shul happens to be run by run by his In-Laws, Rabbi Alevsky and his wife Devorah. I have never received anything but encouragement to follow Torah laws and make myself a better Jew from anyone I have met that is involved with Chabad. Thank G-d for Chabad!

144. My way or the highway
Mark - USA
01/10/2006 21:00

Millions of American Jews belong to Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and non-sectarian congregations. They pay dues, observe major Jewish holidays, enroll children in Jewish education programs, organize bar or bat mitzvahs, often have Jewish weddings, and most get buried in Jewish cemeteries. Mr. Schick gives all this activity a back of the hand dismissal. It isn't the way he does it so it don't mean a thing. The root of this contempt may lie not in the law of G-d but in the competition between religious franchises. To the ordinary Jewish these disputes are insignificant.

145. # 104 Stuart read this
Avrum - Israel
01/10/2006 21:01

Perhaps in your state in US you don't see the same we see every day here in Israel. Meshichists with "Yechi adoneinu..." written on their yarmulkes, "Melech ha'Mashiach"-posters anywhere, shuls where the tefillot end with the "Yechi" recited three times. During the disengagement some posters stated how "The King Messiah tells Jewish soldiers to stop the expulsion"; I saw this poster with my eyes. This is NOT lashon ha'ra, it's cruel reality. If you don't believe, come to Israel and see!

146. take constructive criticism
Sol - u.s.a
01/10/2006 21:14

It's about time that chabad learn how to accept criticism. Yes, they do tremendous work. They offer what MS does not. But they must learn that there is a time to reflect whether or not there are major problems in their approach (especially that in the past. Yes, they offer a pleasant reception to all unnafilliated. But at times the goal becomes the mere fact he/she enters chabad premises (andqor gives a nice donation) and that overrides everything else. in the long run they may be facing with acceptance of lots of intermarried couples and they (the couples) have a feeling that it is fine and that they have a stamp of approval by the Rabbis. SO too, for other matters mentioned by MS. Yes, Chabad is the first to teach eveyone else how to embrace also the unnafiliated and to give a tase of yiddishkeyt, but at the same time it should find the balance of not diluting the message and certainly not lowering the standards in exchangue for the benefits that do exist in thier approach.

147. Chabadians - The New Christians
MDK - Israel
01/10/2006 21:15

That (if) Chabad does good work and deeds doesn't validate its unique message that it's dead leader is the messiah, any more than the good works of Christians validate another dead rabbi's status. The "Chabadians" beliefs divorce them from Judaism no differently than Christians. Those who follow Chabad may be better, happier, more religious and more fulfilled individuals but, like their proselytising mentors, they are no longer Jewish.

148. Ignorance
01/10/2006 21:16

Your ignorance is no excuse for your viciousness. How can you sleep at night nursing such hatred in your heart? However I have hope for you yet. You are too overheated-something about Chabad really pushes your buttons. I predict one day you will turn into a great Chassid, and instead of writing nasty nonsense you will write a book about how Tanya changed your life. Wishing you teshuva. Cee

149. Kudos to Schick - long overdue scrutiny
01/10/2006 21:39

Many thanks to Dr. Schick for a fine article. The wise welcome rebukee, as the Torah says in Mishlei (Proverbs), Rebuke the wise and he will love you. All the knee-jerk attacks here do not reflect well on their sources.

150. uninformed rant
01/10/2006 22:26

Chabad changed my life... I grew up with only the smallest knowledge of my Jewish heritage and Chabad was the only Jewish organisation I came accross who seemed to care about bringing me close to Torah and Mitzvot... I am eternally indebted to the Rebbe and the amazing shlichim around the world who helped me on my own personal journey back to yiddishkeit when the Jewish mainstream in Britain offered me nothing. In addition, there are 1000's of others with similar stories - why doesn't Shick care to talk about these people?

151. Chabad Chai
01/10/2006 22:38

article raises issues of legitimate concern. that said chabd I believe chabad has been a blessing to am yisrael and I hope will continue to be so. they seem to be a low cost,easy access program without compromising standards of what is halachicly correct. no chabad rabbi says violating halacha is the right way to go. they just seem to support you in fighting your yaitzer hara at your own pace and help to supply ammunition. postdenominational seems to be a good thing.may chabad be blessed to successfuly meet the challenges ahead.

152. Numbers
Elie - USA
01/10/2006 23:09

Mr. Schick, both of my parents became frum through Chabad, as well as both of my wife's parents. Total souls: 4 parents, 17 children, and 3 grandchildren. My sister's husband's parents as well as my brother's fiance's parents were brought in by Chabad: That's another 4, plus 16 kids. Count in some cousins, who are Litvish, but were brought in by Chabad, and countless mitzvos that were performed because of the Chabad connection. Count in the Jews from 12 countries and 27 states that my close family has touched, bringing over 100 families back to Yiddishkeit and inspiring literally thousands to do one more mitzvah... That's a lot of souls. Mr. Schick, how about doing a little soul-searching yourself?

153. Dershowitz
Chaya - USA
01/10/2006 23:15

It's quite obvious that Mr. Schick didn't even do the research to find out what Dershowitz said. He would find that an anecdote in that speech would fit himself very well - in which Dersh criticized the Rebbe for allowing Chabad to honor a senator who wasn't - at the time - pro-Israel. The Rebbe's response? Wait and see... and the senator did an about face. Ironic, no? It's also interesting that this article came out right around 10 of Tevet - a fast day that has a lot to do with senseless hatred and political bickering. Mr. Schick, shame on you.

154. Chabad is a business
Marc Levy - Israel
01/10/2006 23:16

Having been at one stage of my life, a Chabadnik, I can from first hand experience say that most Chabad Houses that I came in contact with cared about one thing and one thing only- How much you could help further their cause !!! If you couldnt or wouldnt give money you were never chased out, but you are a non-entity. Dont ask what Chabad can do for you, but what you can do for them. They do nothing from the heart anymore. And I fear that their LATE Rebbe is definitely crying in Gan Eden over what his legacy has turned into.

155. Prayer
Saad Cohen - Canada
01/10/2006 23:35

We are all praying for Prime Minister Sharon to make a quick recovery. He plays a crucial role in the development and improvements of our country. We pray for his health, and for him to continue taking part of us growing, not only as a country, but as a people. Get well soon! The Cohen Family

156. biased attack
01/10/2006 23:43

This is the most biased one sided article that the Jerusalem Post has ever published.

157. Thank you Chabad
Matt Portner - USA
01/11/2006 00:00

I grew up Reform and pretty much abandoned Judaism throughout high school and college. About 6 years ago I met a Chabad Rabbi and started learning with him, my wife and I also started attending his Shul. Initially I was driving on Shabbat, and although he wasn t happy about this, he didn t throw me out or keep me from coming. Instead, he encouraged me to learn Torah, and he helped me to transform my life. I no longer attend Rabbi Greenberg s Shul although we still keep in touch and I see him frequently. You see his Shul is too far from my house to walk. So now that my wife and I are Shomer Shabbis and raising our children the same way, we are attending another Chabad Shul that we can walk to. I have never received anything but encouragement to follow Torah laws and make myself a better Jew from anyone I have met that is involved with Chabad. Without Chabad I don t know where I would be today, and because of Chabad a whole new family of Observant Jews has been born. Thank you

158. Chabad and Torah observance
JOJo - Switzerland
01/11/2006 00:19

Dear Rabbi Schlick, I have in my whole 42 years of life not seen one jew who keeps all of the mitzvot all the time. For instance you: By spreading slander about an organization you obviously don t know too well, especially about thousands of shlichim who venture out into the world with NO support whatsoever, in a pure act of faith, you just committed a form of murder - this according to the Rambam, Mishneh torah. Take me: 10 years ago I was roaming the world, a lost jew searching for HKBH in Tibet. Thanks to many good people, from all denominations of judaism, INCLUDING CHABAD, I am today an orthodox jew who can tell you why you just fell short of your own definition of orthodoxy. Leave Chabad s development to HKBH, and mind your own personal growth.. Try an act fo faith similar to the one of the shlichim who went to russia when there was NO ONE THERE, to help them; Just for starters.

159. taking on the superpower
DS - Israel
01/11/2006 00:22

Sour grapes, my friend! Chabad is the only Jewish superpower, get used to it. If you want to make accusations that Chabad fails to maintain halachic standards, have at least the decency to document them and say what they are. Otherwise, Mr. Schick (is it Rabbi?), you are guilty of lashon harah (that's a halacha, by the way). That Jews may be invited for Shabbat (without stipulating how they will arrive, as long as they have a place to stay) is halachic. How many of them will therefore come is not a halachic issue. If you want to talk and discuss how many will come (I'm not sure why, since they're not coming to you), fine, but don't blame Chabad because they choose to go there. There's lots of work to be done, Mr. Schick, if you want to have a piece of the action of kiruv. But, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

160. Many children without work.
Simcha - USA
01/11/2006 00:32

Chabad families have raised many children have no marketable skills except to be a Chabad out reacher. Like Chasidic Rebbis in Europe they would leave their father's Shteibel and go to another town. In the USA though most of those towns don't need what they are selling unless they give their customers what they want. It is no differnet than what most Conservative and Reform synagogues have been doing for years. No longer is Chabad guided by Chochma Bina and Daas. Rather they have become skilled religious entrepreneurs.

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