Thursday, January 26, 2006

The next Jon Stewart… has a beard and is a puppet

Today’s Moment of Zen: The Parsha Report , Chabad’s wacky online puppet show, starring Rabbi Itchy Kaddozy, his sarcastic, apathetic friend Jonno, and the lovable G-fish (gefilte fish), presents the parsha in Jon Stewart’s Daily Show news format, which makes for one darn good diversion from doing work and paying bills. If you do check out the parsha, be sure to also see the one-offs like the Koshermentary - 2 thumbs up to creators Dovid Taub & Jonathan Goorvich - for bringing humor and creativity to the next generation of gen-y Yids (read: weird guys who sit online looking for weird stuff)

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Greg Cameron said...

I have a more economical explanation that I have gone into elsewhere. To wit, the bearded Jon Stewart is really from an evil/more evil alternative reality. Those of you with memories might remember the old Star Trek episode where a transporter malfunction sends members of the Star Ship Enterprise from the 'good' universe to an alternate 'bad universe and members of the Star Ship Enterprise of the more 'evil' universe to the 'good' universe. In this episode, Spock in the 'evil' universe had a beard. Significance, significance! I submit that 'our' Jon Stewart is lost in an alternate evil/at least more evil universe, desperately trying to find his way home. The bearded evil Jon Stewart is now in our universe, equally perplexed and determined to find his way back to his proper reality. Meanwhile, both must keep up appearances in the respective universes. Will the two Jon Stewarts find their ways back to their respective realities? Stay tuned...Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C., Canada