Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hurricane Katrina and Chabad of New Paltz


What do New Paltz and New Orleans have in common?

Our classmates!

The devastation left by Hurricane Katrina isn't sexy enough for the headlines anymore, but that doesn't mean it's disappeared.

In the absence of sufficient government assistance, the enormous task of cleaning up, tearing down, and rebuilding has been left to the people of New Orleans and their friends and neighbors - us.

B"H Chabad has stepped forward once again! With the knowledge that many students want to help, but simply don't have the money to give, Chabad has organized a huge group of students from across the nation to go New Orleans and get their hands dirty.

Among the students who are down there working their hearts out are many from our very own SUNY New Paltz. Please take a moment to check out our classmates's photos, blogs, etc. at:

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