Monday, December 15, 2008

Rebuilding Nariman house for Moshe

Shai Venkatraman
Saturday, December 13, 2008 8:31 PM (Mumbai)

One of the main targets of 26/11 attack in Mumbai was Nariman house. It is a study centre and a home away from home for many Jews. It was totally destroyed but now the local Jewish community is determined to rebuild it.

A slow rebuilding has begun in Chabad House, better known by its older name, Nariman House. It was Rabbi Gabriel and wife Rivka's home and community centre, they had lovingly built over five years. (Watch)

The house was named after the ultra orthodox Chabad Lubavitch movement. Complete with a synagogue and a kosher kitchen under them, this had become a spiritual oasis not just for traveling backpackers and visiting businessmen, but also the local Jewish community.

"The Rabbi and his wife were really very nice. They were always looking after the guests who would drop in such large groups. Very warm," said Bensione, Bene Israeli.

The community is determined to rebuild the centre at the earliest and it's not just literally in bricks and wood. They want it to be a home, Moshe can return to.

In less than a year's time, little Moshe will be seen again here in the bylanes of Nariman House. This time with his mother Rivka's parents, who will take over as the new Rabbi. A powerful message to the local Jewish community many of whom have contemplated leaving the country after the attacks.

"Moshe did not know his grandparents because he lived here. They want to make Sandra and Moshe relax. Until that happens they will stay there. After that they will come back with Moshe," said Levi Jurkowicz, helper, Chabad House.

However, this plan is making local residents uneasy.

"If they stay here, it is a problem for us. What if they get attacked again? We will get affected," said a local.

"They could be attacked again. They should seal the building and break it. That's best for us and best for Colaba," said another local.

But Nariman House is part of a larger rebuilding in the city--a city, gathering itself, piece by piece.

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Hope Moshe is back to Mumbai..

On the other hand, I feel whether it's really good for him to come back to that place where he will remember the most scary incident of his life and all bad past will fall on him.

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