Monday, December 08, 2008

Emergency Appeal for the family of Benzion Kruman hy"d

Please click on the headline to make your donation to the surviving family.


Rabbi Benzion Kruman, a devoted husband and loving father of three young children ranging in age from two months - five years was murdered by terrorists this past week. His work as a mashgiach took him from his home in Israel to Mumbai. R' Benzion was about to leave for the airport when he stopped in the Chabad house for the afternoon Mincha prayers. Unfortunately this short stop ended in his tragic murder. His death has left his family bereft of his presence and financially destitute. It is incumbent upon on us all to feel their pain and help shoulder their burden. A committee was formed to set up a fund to benefit R' Benzion's wife and children.

Please open your heart and send a generous donation to the Kruman Foundation. May Hashem heal the pain of all of Klal Yisroel and avenge of the Kedoshim.

National Committee

Prof. Aaron Twerski
Brooklyn Law School

Rabbi Yechiel Kaufman
Congregation Anshe Sfard

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld
Young Israel Kew Garden hills

Rabbi Berish Goldenberg
Principal of Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn-Torath Emeth Academy, Los Angeles CA

Rabbi Shmeul Feurst
Head Rabbi of AGUDAH of Chicago Illinois

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If you gave a donation you may report it here as well, so that others see and follow.