Monday, February 05, 2007

Israeli added to Forbes billionaires list

Magazine publishes its 2005 list of billionaires; Israel represented by 11 entries, including newly listed businessman Yitzhak Tshuva
Eitan Amit

The 2005 Forbes magazine list of billionaires includes, among its 793 members, 11 Israelis, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday.

Every person on the list has an estimated worth of at least USD 1 billion.

Israeli businessman Yitzhak Tshuva made the list for the first time. His success is described at Forbes as a "Cinderella story", and he is placed in the 382nd place, with a fortune of USD 2 billion.

Tshuva (58) was born in Libya and came to Israel when he was six months old. He made his fortune in real estate, and lately made headlines for purchasing the Plaza hotel in New York for USD 675 million. In 1998 he made his big jump after a hostile takeover on Delek, the Israeli fuel corporation

Leading the list of Israeli billionaires is Sheri Arison who owns, among other things, Bank Hapoalim and is placed on the 109th place with a fortune of 5.2 USD billion.

Bill Gates tops list

Other Israelis on the list are Arnon Milchan, a movie producer who tripled his fortune in the past year (2.9 USD billion) and made the 240th place, Lev Leviev, who owns 80 percent of Africa-Israel company (2.6 USD billion) is in the 278th place, and closing the Israeli list is Morris Kahn, founder of Amdocs, who with USD 1 billion is placed in the 746th place.

The wealthiest Jew on the list is Roman Abramovitch, the 39 year-old oil tycoon and the owner of the popular English soccer team Chelsea. With a fortune of USD 18.2 billion he is placed at the 11th place.

The youngest billionaire on the list is the 22 year-old Hind Hariri, the daughter of late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who with a fortune of USD 1.4 billion is placed in the 562nd place.

Again, the top of list is crowned by Bill Gates (Microsoft) for the 12th time with USD 50 billion, followed by investor Warren Buffet (USD 42 billion) and the Mexican communication tycoon, Carlos Salim, third on the list with USD 30 billion.

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