Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good for Chabad of Venezuela.

Good for Chabad of Venezuela. Chavez is a nut-case, and has found a friend in Ahmadinejad. He openly opposes Israel and America as evil nations. Chavez denied visit to Caracas synagogue

A recent request by socialist Venezuelean President Hugo Chávez to pay an official visit to a Chabad synagogue in Caracas was rejected.

The Chabad official news site posted an article saying that Rabbi Moshe Ferman, the chief Chabad envoy to Venezuela, had rejected the president’s request arguing that it was aimed at garnering political gains in light of the West’s revulsion of him.

I picture Haman Harasha to look much like Chavez. There’s a little Purim feeling to this: a Jew refuses to bow to an evil man’s wishes. Layihudim Hayisah Orah Vesimchah Vesasson Veeyikar, KAIN TIHYEH LAUNU !

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