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The purpose of the stablishment of Machne Israel and Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch

The purpose of the stablishment of Machne Israel and Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch

Machne Israel

Its mission: Through the actions and conduct of its members, to strengthen the practice of Yiddishkeit, the observance of the Torah and [the performance of] mitzvos; to rouse the hearts of the Jewish people and draw them close to teshuvah, Torah, and good deeds.

To publicize the truth — that [through] LeAlter LiTeshuvah (“Immediately to teshuvah”), [we will proceed] LeAlter LiGeulah (“immediately to Redemption”) — the ultimate Redemption, led by Mashiach.

Membership: There are no monetary dues required of anyone who desires to be a member of Machne Israel. Every Jew who observes the Torah and its mitzvos can join as a member of Machne Israel. His actual deeds — both his individual conduct and his influence on others — are the only membership dues required of him.

Operation: The work of the members is performed in an unpublicized manner… Their objective is, through their exemplary conduct in the spirit of the Torah and its mitzvos, to influence their families, their business acquaintances and the members of their synagogues.

A special branch named Mazhirei Shabbos Machne Israel has been founded to spread the concept of Shabbos observance.

Mishnayos B’al Peh — A society has been founded to study Mishnayos by heart. All Six Orders of the Mishnah are divided among its members by lot… so that the entire Mishnah will be studied and reviewed [continually] throughout the year.

This project, initiated at the suggestion of the Rebbe [Rayatz], is intended to purify the air through the recitation and review of Mishnayos at home, and outside: in the street, in one’s store, in the subway, [indeed,] in any clean place. [It is] a great mystic process to “ease the birthpangs of Mashiach and brings Mashiach’s [approaching] footsteps closer with kindness and mercy….”

Chevros Tehillim: Machne Israel establishes new societies for the recitation of Tehillim and strengthens existing ones. All of these societies are united with the International Tehillim Society in Jerusalem, founded by the Rebbe [Rayatz]….

Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch

Mission: To act out of concern for the education of Jewish boys and girls in the spirit of our Patriarch Yisrael.

The activities of Merkos extend to all branches of education and encompass all matters connected to the field of education. These efforts include:

a) An endeavor to make Jewish parents recognize the vital necessity that their sons and daughters be educated in purity and holiness….

b) [The organization of] study sessions in the evening in the study of holy [texts] for those who are involved in business occupations throughout the day.

c) The establishment of schools to educate Jewish girls in the spirit of the Torah and its mitzvos. Such schools, named either Beis Rivkah or Beis Sarah, have been established in and outside New York….

d) The establishment of Shabbos parties for Jewish children, to come together on Shabbos under the supervision of expert educators….

e) Pedagogical instruction: [This program intends] to make it possible for religious teachers to augment their knowledge… and expertise in the professional instruction of holy subjects.

f) The design of curricula for educational institutions.

g) A statistical division.

h) An employment bureau for teachers.

i) A division for the financial support of religious institutions, teachers, and students.

j) A division for publishing books and magazines. Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch publishes books for youth in the Holy Tongue, in Yiddish and in English, as well as two monthly magazines.

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