Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Got Rabbi?

Is pornography a sin? Is it okay to eat meat? You can search Scripture, climb Mt. Sinai or….visit (You’ve got to go there just to see the fun, modern Moses logo.)

For a decade, has been answering questions like these to a growing worldwide audience. Rabbinic scholars from the Orthodox Jewish Chabad movement dispense the free advice online 24 hours a day, six days a week (they don’t work on the Sabbath).

Last month, they announced a milestone: AskMoses has surpassed 1 million online chat sessions since it was launched by Chabad of California. The queries are fielded by rabbis and knowledgeable women in the United States, Argentina, Israel, Russia and elsewhere…

People of all stripes turn to the website, accounting for 350 to 400 live chats a day, Loschak said. A voluntary online survey has shown that 30% of AskMoses users are not Jewish. Among their questions: Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus as the messiah? Answer: Jesus did not fulfill the promises of the messiah, as described by the prophets, of bringing world peace and global monotheism.

Sometimes, people in crisis turn to AskMoses, like the pregnant teenager who asked the rabbis whether she should tell her parents. Find out what they said here.

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