Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chabad celebrates annual Purim festival

Daniela Aizic wore a pair of bunny ears that she had bought in Israel. Her children, Ethan, 1, was dressed as an M&M, Elan, 2, as a fire truck and Aviya, 4, wore a Snow White costume.

The costumes were part of the Jewish holiday known as Purim.

"We get to wear costumes twice a year" said Aizic, reminiscing about the Purim celebrations she remembered as a child. "The children are still too young to know why we are celebrating, but in time they will learn."

Purim is a time for celebration and rejoicing. It is also about the story of Queen Esther and how she foiled a plot by Haman to have the Jewish people annihilated, thus part of the Purim celebration is the reading of the "Megilah" (Scroll of Esther).

Rabbi Simon Jacobson read the Megilah in Hebrew as a group of children and adults held clangers, poised and ready to make noise each time the name Haman was mentioned.

"Purim is also a time we exchange gifts, we aid the poor and celebrate with food and wine" said Sheina Jacobson, wife of the rabbi.

This was the fourth annual Festival of Purim sponsored by the Chabad of Charlotte County.

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