Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Celebrate Festival Of Lights With Radio Hanukkah

24-hours of Hanukkah programming
Plays throughout the 8 nights of Hanukkah

Tune in to XM-108MIAMI (CBS4) ―
Amid hundreds of all-Christmas radio stations, one has gone Hanukkah for the second year in a row. XM Satellite Radio has created Radio Hanukkah which can be tuned in to XM-108. XM's Hanukkah-themed station is touted as the first radio station of its kind and one celebrated by the satellite network's Jewish clientele, who've long known December's airwaves to be filled only with the holly-jolly, bell-clinging sounds of Christmas. XM-108 will run throughout the Festival of Lights, which begins Tuesday at sundown, not only with Hanukkah songs, like "I Have a Little Dreidel," but also candlelight blessings, Jewish-themed specials, comedy, and Israeli music. There's even some Jewish-themed programming for the kids. If you don't have XM Radio, you can sign up for a free trial at You can also download the Radio Hanukkah schedule. Radio Hanukkah will wrap up at midnight December 12th.


Anonymous said...

Steve Steinsaltz of Framingham, Mass., reports that XM Radio will have four Christmas music channels within a week playing four styles, but does not plan to air a Hanukkah music channel until the night the event begins, Dec. 4.

Anonymous said...

Also on DirectTV.

Channel 116?

Menorah Lighting at 5:00 PM in every time zone.