Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ukrainian Jews: Stop media incitement

Ukraine’s Jewish community called on authorities to end anti-Semitic incitement in the media.
Vadim Rabinovich, leader of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, appealed Jan. 24 to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to take measures that would suspend a Kiev university’s publication for continuously inciting interethnic hatred.
On Jan. 11, three newspapers associated with MAUP, a private school with a history of anti-Semitism, published an appeal by the Conservative Party of Ukraine that blamed the Chabad Lubavitch movement for Ukraine’s problems and called on authorities to deport members of the “Judeo-Nazi sect.”
The letter was published by Personal Plus, Ukrainian Newspaper Plus and For the Ukrainian Ukraine newspapers.
Rabinovich described the publications as libelous and aimed at creating a discord in Ukrainian society, which “can lead to unpredictable consequences.”
The Conservative Party of Ukraine, headed by MAUP President Georgy Schokin, ran in last year’s parliamentary elections but won no seats.

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